5 ways to reuse baskets and boxes from your Cornish Hampers

After receiving a delicious, beautifully wrapped up Cornish hamper, we imagine there are many people now wondering what to do with their (now empty) lovely wicker basket or gift box. As experts in this field, read on for our tips and ideas.


  1. Toy storage


These sizeable baskets or boxes keep a lid on the toys, can be stacked on top of one another and keep toys safely stored away to keep for next playtime the children have their playtime or the grandkids come round.


  1. Pet bits


For anyone with a loveable companion in their home, we know the treats, leads, collars, toys and poo bags mount up! Rather than putting them in the kitchen cupboard, keep them safely stored away in a contained that your pet cannot get into, keeping your kitchen tidy and your hallway de-cluttered.


  1. Craft box


My personal favourite if you’re a crafty person (as we are!) Use your wicker box to store your fabrics, scraps, needles, pins, threads and more. This way they are all kept together and if you’ve a wicker, use the straps and buckles to know that no little fingers will be able to open it up easily with the many sharp objects in there. You will feel so proud at your very lovely looking, larger and upgraded craft box.


  1. Re-gift


Is it someone’s birthday or special occasion coming up? In an age where we are all the more aware of the needs to recycle, why not go one step further to help the environment and re-gift your gift box or wicker. Provided it’s still in beautiful condition, simply fill with scrunched up tissue paper (unless you can find some straw too), fill with your chosen gifts, scatter with decorations or more tissue paper and close up with your gift card to hand to your lucky recipient. Add a bow around the whole gift for that extra wow factor. We must ask you only choose carefully selected Cornish produce of course! Shop products to order produce only from our shop.


  1. Planter


A unique way to use your Cornish hamper basket is to fill it with your pre-potted herbs to sit on the kitchen windowsill or fill with soil to give yourself an attractive, extra planting space for any small garden or living space. Once flourishing, the leaves look wonderful against the wicker basket.


Adding a wicker basket or box to any Cornish hamper order means you’re giving the gift of something to keep beyond the delicious tasty produce. And let’s be honest, there are many more uses for these handy containers whether for your hobby, de-cluttering the hallway, bathroom or even storing your veg!